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8 Ways to Keep Your Children Healthy and Happy in 2018

Now, when the weather can still vary during the day from too hot to cold in the evening, children are the most vulnerable to viruses. Their growing body only learns to resist disease-causing bacteria, and their immunity can be lowered. We invite you to learn 8 effective ways of how to improve the health of children and teenagers.

Best tips on how to take care of children’s health

8 Ways to Keep Your Children Healthy and Happy

1. Add a little sea salt to the bath

Many children and even adults are deficient in magnesium. Its deficiency leads to increased fatigue, memory impairment, insomnia and a number of other physiological reactions. Since our body is not able to synthesize magnesium on its own, and the microelement that comes with food is not always fully absorbed, add 1-2 tablespoons of sea salt to the bath while the child is bathing. This will help increase the magnesium content in the child’s body, and will also have a calming and relaxing effect.

Natural sea or Himalayan salt contains many trace elements that soothe and purify the skin. This small step is most useful for children with allergies, eczema or asthma. If possible, try to spend at least a week at sea. This is a proven method of how to improve a child’s immunity.

2. Remove the nightlights from the bedroom

It is very important that there are no sources of artificial light in the child’s bedroom at night. First, some experts reckon this kind of coverage to possible causes of cancer. Secondly, artificial light completely stops the normal production of melatonin and interrupts the sleep cycle.

When we sleep, important processes take place in the body, including tissue repair and growth of new cells. If something breaks this natural process, the results may turn out to be more serious than a banal lack of sleep.

For a sound sleep and improvement of a child’s health, the bedroom should be completely dark: no lights or flashing devices, curtains on the windows. However, the natural moonlight does not hurt the child’s sleep, it even contributes to the natural cycles in the body. Try to exclude the TV or computer from the list of children’s evening activities. All these rules are not difficult to observe, and the child will sleep much better, without waking up at night.

3. Have fun in the sun

We protect children from the sun in every possible way – we use sunscreen, kids are not allowed to play in direct sunlight. And that is right. But do not completely hide the children from the sun! An overabundance of sunscreen blocks the ability of the body to produce vitamin D, which is necessary for the functioning of the children’s immune system, the proper production of hormones, the strengthening of bones and the growth of muscle mass, as well as for the prevention of cancer.

Many sunscreens are far from perfect in their composition – they can contain toxic chemicals that are more dangerous for a child’s body than a moderate sun exposure. When planning a holiday in the fresh air on a sunny day, put a wide-brimmed hat on the child and light clothing covering the most delicate areas of the body. And then resort to sunscreen.

4. Allow the children to eat fatty foods

Modern people believe that the consumption of saturated fat does not lead to anything good, and they reduce the number of fat in the children’s diet to a minimum. But research shows that excluding saturated fats from baby food can do more harm than good. The thing is that the children’s organism needs these substances for proper growth and development.

Of course, it is important to understand that you need to get saturated fats from healthy sources. Give the child natural butter and meat, not margarine and other substitutes. Get used to healthy snacks: a little salmon or good beef, hard-boiled egg and avocado will help to increase the level of fat without harm to health.

5. Cook soups

An important place in the children’s diet should be occupied by soup. These should be a good boiled broth and natural ingredients. During illness, doctors recommend that you drink chicken broth, which contains many minerals and trace elements in an easily digestible form. They contribute to improving immunity, strengthening bones and muscle growth.

The broth with a large amount of gelatin maintains muscle health and promotes the brain development. Gelatin is a necessary substance for the production of collagen, which is responsible for the good condition of the skin and hair. Also, gelatin in soup helps to naturally reduce the sensitivity of an intestine to different kinds of food and to prevent the risk of colic and constipation.

6. Buy vitamin complexes

Vitamins are responsible for the health of internal organs, the harmonious work of the endocrine, nervous systems, regulate the metabolism. If the child’s body lacks vitamins, it begins to function in a strengthened mode. There appear rapid fatigue, cramps in the legs, headaches, memory deteriorates, a delay in development (mental or physical lag).

Remember, in childhood and adolescence, vitamins are needed in a larger number because in this period there is an intensive development of the body. Children are often subject to stress. As a result, the body systematically receives fewer nutrients and a child has a deviation in development. You can buy multivitamin complexes for a growing organism. Purchase only those products that must meet the following requirements:

  • strengthen protective functions;
  • adapt the body to increased physical, emotional stress;
  • hypoallergenic;
  • contain no artificial colors or preservatives;
  • improve intellectual development.

It is recommended to choose the tested and well-known pharmaceutical companies that have proved their reputation and have positive reviews, such as My Canadian Pharmacy. In this online store, you can buy high-quality vitamin-mineral complexes at affordable prices. The pharmacy’s bestsellers are Spirulina Capsules, Chyavanaprasha, Vitamin C, Becadexamin, Cipcal, Supradyn, Riconia, and others.

7. Choose natural children’s cosmetics

Many cosmetics (shampoos, toothpaste, bath foam) contain chemicals that can harm a child’s body. Take your time and energy to choose the right products on the basis of natural, non-allergenic components.

8. Teach your kid to lead an active way of life

Children have a natural need to move and spend energy. Therefore, it is important for parents to find the correct application of this habit in order to preserve the health of children. Assess the balance between possible injuries and sports achievements, do not just limit the child’s activity – let him learn to climb trees, jump over puddles. All this will naturally develop the muscles of the child and at the same time bring joy and pleasure.

Be a positive example for your child, learn new activities to do with your kids: go camping, climb walls, play football, etc. Such adventures will leave indifferent neither you nor your child!

The health of the child requires increased attention, and preventive measures play a very important role in maintaining well-being in children. If you follow these simple recommendations, your child will grow up healthy and achieve great success in any sphere of life! healthy and happy.